Children's Birthday Party Entertainer with a Kick!

What is a Cool Kicks party

Cool Kicks understand that children want to have fun, we also understand that you want the best for your children which includes helping them to learn new skills for life.

Well here at Cool Kicks we have taken these two facts and by incorporating many years of experience teaching children Martial Arts we have developed an educational yet seriously fun package to help children learn those skills that you wish to install in them such as respect, confidence and building friendships.

Your Cool Kicks Childrens Party will be based on physical activity mixed in with challenging games and friendly competition. We use a wide range of equipment to enhance the party for your child and their friends:

Although Martial Arts are commonly perceived as a physical passtime we at Cool Kicks believe that everyone should be able to get involved in the fun. That is why we encourage all abilities to come to our parties as we will adapt your party to suit all your needs.


Martial Arts are not simply about kicking and punching things, they are about self development, perseverence and self belief, and we use those principles as the foundations of                                                    our Cool Kicks parties…mixed in with a massive dollop of fun!